It’s becoming evident to us all, Social Meda addiction and Gaming addiction online, is a public crisis.

I.A.D (internet addiction disorder)

Studies are emanating continually all over the world, looking at the serious effect excessive high-speed scrolling and gaming is having on our kids/teens developing brains.

Studies show it is reducing the prefrontal cortex of the brain, overstimulating the amygdala fire alarm (fright/flight), effecting the dopamine receptors, oxytocin, and serotonin, reducing the ability to manage emotions.

The problems high speed scrolling and gaming are causing are insurmountable, let alone algorithms sending unhelpful feed, incorrect information /fake news, and even dangerous content.

Add to this the social problems arising from being excessively addicted to needing approval externally to being ignored or bullied. It’s a serious public crisis that needs policy makers, educators, parents and our kids and teens need to address urgently. In more ways than one it is taking lives.

The cost is significant to kids, families, parents, & educators.

SO how do we avoid, ameliorate, overcome this addiction?

Balanced kids’ yoga runs a program in Schools addressing this addiction.

Facilitating great conversations around addiction and helping children acknowledge where they are at.

Looking at how to ensure they are not being totally controlled by technology for the rest of their lives.

The program demonstrates how the mind body connection, confidence and understanding through movement, mindfulness and specific meditations can effectively grow the brain, ameliorating some of the problems. The meditations are specifically related to taking control of the scroll and reframing from the game.                                                   .

Kids are admitting to the addition, understanding exactly what the addiction is and learning simple effective tools of how to overcome. How to take control back and really look after their one brain. The only brain they will ever get, the only chance they have, to protect it as its grows and expands in size up to around 18-20years old.

Safe usage around timers, settings, parental controls on device (acknowledging this is sometimes not happening in the home ) stranger danger, recognising safe sites, etc… Our kids safety is paramount in usage and access.

The practice Balanced kids yoga is teaching, then this implemented into the school’s curriculum (even five minutes at the start of every class) once the ten week course is competed ensures long term benefits, reminders and safe settings etc.. continue.

Please contact for further information +61417545475.