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Yoga benefits for kids

This week the children met all the animals in the forest

BEAR had woken up from his long deep sleep Each animal he met in the forest Taught bear different postures and the benefits of each posture. Including some ways to control emotions and contribute to wellness.  The Rabbit taught long deep breathing “wake up big breaths”. Wake up like a rabbit , standing tall Which Centre’s the body, creating good posture & steadiness.  The mouse taught Bear The mouse posture helping to increase focus concentration balance & even digestion. 
The snake taught bear how to stretch & hiss like the snake. This posture benefits the body by strengthening the spine, stretching the front of the body, opening digestive system. The butterfly taught how to stay still on a petal like the butterfly. Promoting calm, grounding & stretching the quad muscles.

The bee taught bear how to buzz like a bee, the vibration increasing focus, Calm, & developing body awareness. The frog taught Bear the relaxed frog posture, how to feel grateful Like a frog- increasing focus & concentration. The bird taught bear how to balance like the bird & tree pose. This increased the children’s steadiness & focus learning standing on one leg looking at one unmoving point increases balance.

Then at the end the children meditated lying down as though they were “sleeping like a bear “promoting calm & encouraging self soothing. All children including special needs became part of the group. In some of our groups children with Dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, ODD, &!Autism, become familiar and comfortable with the teacher and more inclusive each week, also deriving benefits from the Yoga .